Konch Magazine - Two Poems by Sam Hamod
Arabic Music/Singing
hearing arabic music,
though I understand only a few words,
as Fairouz, Sabah, or Abdul Wahab,
sing into my heart, the oud, drbukee,
the trilling voice, with quarter tones
that no western singer can make, breaks
the music into my heart,
in parts of my heart that even I can’t fully
understand but can feel,
like love, you know it when it’s here
even if no one else can know
how deeply you feel it
© sam hamod, 12.4.14
the poetry of silence
two sets of eyes
in just that moment
© sam hamod, 12.5.13 12.38 am
Of the South in Spain
There is a flair
Across the south
Under the green and growing meadows
Mixing together
© sam hamod, 11.30.16