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Notes From The Fourth Reich
First Reich (German: Erstes Reich): the Holy Roman Empire (German: Heiliges Römisches Reich), 962–1806, later the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation (German: Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation), also called the Old Empire (German: Altes Reich)
Second Reich (German: Zweites Reich): the German Empire (German: Deutsches Kaiserreich), 1871–1918
Third Reich (German: Drittes Reich): Nazi Germany (German: Deutsches Reich), 1933–1943, later the Greater German Reich (German: Großdeutsches Reich), 1943–1945
 Fourth Reich( United States)President Donald Trump and Neo-Fascist allies ( 2017-
      I’ll be 79 on the 22nd of this month, and I’m thinking about my mortality and even more so that of members of the younger generation. The fact that many of them didn’t vote in the last election must have something to do with a depression that has led to lethargy. They must be crying inside. The election of Donald Trump and his Nazi posses, is horrifying. You don’t have to look the Netflix WW 2 movies to see what happens when super racists take their argument for White supremacy to the battlefield. The mass murder of Jews. They are considered inferior. The Black soldiers murdered upon capture. German Gays. Communists. The rows upon rows of prisoners and civilians marching to their deaths.
      When I attended a memorial for my late dentist, where I heard that he once while participating in a demonstration, pushed a wagon that held his children, a man connected to schools said that the day after the Trump election children came to school in tears. Their older brothers and sisters were crying inside. They have every right to be hurt.
      We are probably past the point of no return to do anything about global warming. The wealthy know that, which is probably why they're building floating cities or making plans to leave the planet. They don’t care about whether millions of children will get asthma or whether thousands of women will die in the United States and abroad because of the Trump regimes’ far-right brand of Catholicism. Their plans to save the West were outlined in Steve Bannon’s Islamophobic speech at the Vatican. They wouldn’t have their fucking West were it not for Muslim scholars.
      What has happened was predictable. Their democracy was a sham, and their voting for a Birther shows it. The election of this strange man who is given to bizarre pronouncements shows that millions of Whites, among them White, educated women, will form a united front and elect thugs to suppress the rise of Yellow, Brown and Black aspirations. For them, democracy is for White people, and they will endorse any demagogue who will keep others down even it kills them. Even more disgusting is the willingness of the White left and middle to justify the hatred of Trump’s followers.
But they can’t win. They don’t have the numbers. Even the regime’s policy of “nonviolent ethnic cleansing,” by getting rid of the safety net. Of course, Blacks have been through this before. They survived presidents who were slave owners and Indian exterminators. They survived Andrew Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, and the Bushes. I’m concerned about first and second generation immigrants, however. After being released from detention as a result of a Muslim ban, a man who had served the American forces in Iraq said that he was still a fan of Donald Trump. Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and Asian Americans are not that naive. We know these people. They have jailed us, discriminated against us and massacred us. We can finish their sentences. We can read their minds. While the middle and right and progressives attribute noble motives to the millions of haters who voted for a man who likes to hang out where little girls undress. A seriously sick pervert and alleged drug addict. We will overcome the haters. We will survive them. The Yoruba say that one returns in the form of a descendant. In that case, whatever happens to me, I am sure to return to continue the fight.
      But for now, Tennessee and I are fighting back with Konch. This issue is representative. Robin Philpot goes behind the recent massacre of Muslims in Quebec. Justin Desmangles weighs in on the new Education Secretary, and interviews Nancy Isenberg about the new president, who was elected by the Russians and the head of the FBI. Armond White reviews the film, “Fences.” Naomi Shibab Nye writes on the Muslim ban. We have poetry by the legendary Eugene B. Redmond and an excerpt from Robert Mailer Anderson’s new novel.
     On a sad note. Bharati Mukherjee graced the cover of the first issue of Konch. That was 1991. Since then she has been a friend of our family. She was a fine novelist, a devoted mother, and wife, a person who was the subject of criticism for her American patriotism. She was more of a patriot than the haters and degenerates who voted for Trump. She and her husband Clark Blaise experienced unbelievable tragedies during recent years. Our sympathies go to Clark, a Konch contributor.
Ishmael Reed
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