Konch Magazine - 7 Kwansabas by Eugene B. Redmond
Kwansaba: Pope Francis Plays the Soular System 2015
Like Assisi, you friend Earth's “disposables.” Expose
Kongress's Katakombs. Harlem, Aretha & Sister Sledge
amaze Your Grace while you fore-play
multi-'tudes like NWA. Tango with Big's
Apple, Philly's Dog, Fourth World's inmates. (Watch
lone/mass[ked] gunmen blood-let our terrortory.)
Now your lumpen Papal Fiat occupys Empire.
Eugene B. Redmond(             
Kwansaba for Long Distance Runners
Voice-lifted & wakeful rhymers, we salvage
battle-borne selves, savaged between an endless
racial fault line & a gun-lit alley
twistin’ toward us like a tornado. Whether
next door or wars away, we fold
night(ly)-mares ntu soular systems. Reclaim selves,
again, from “Hands Up” to “Son Down.”
City of East Saint Louis Celebrates Malcolm X,
Miles Davis, Henry Dumas & Katherine Dunham
Ovation for Ancestors
Miles & Malcolm rode leg/a/seas that bled
naked or muted blues, scaled Dumas' pyramid
of bones, libated Dunham's ankh-shaped altars
& invoked da-dum-dun with kwansaba, djembe &
yanvalou. Now, river kin--from Tuscaloosa to
Little Rock--help claim East Saint Arkansippi
as mecca, mirror & tonal magnet: da-dum-dun.
                                               Eugene B. Redmond, June 2014

The Sun Shines at Night on Planets Ferguson & East Boogie
By Eugene B. Redmond
Son-lit k/night-time in East Boogie:
battle-toned drums reign, leading dancer, chorus
& spitter of peace ntu Word-Breakin'
hours: Sages Reginald, Redina, Janfrey & Valerie
tutor warrior-pages "Ackurate" & Tynetta. As
def soldier-heirs of yester-ages, they're
rallied/readied for future planets' freedom-stages.

Kwansaba: Poets Sonia Sanchez & Jessica
Care Moore Fly to Planet Ferguson 2015
Led by DuBois, surgeon of divided “I,”
Dunbar-the-suturer, River Jordan's June &
soular orbs Amiri/Maya, triage poets Sonia
& Jessica invade race-scaped hospice. Here,
they Kushion orature with Yaa Asantewaa's anti-
doses of nommo-soulo serums. Sisters salvage
racial victim & vagrant on Planet Ferguson.
Eugene B. Redmond
On a frigid February night, BAM Ark-Eye-Tech/Philadelphia Poet Laureate Sonia Sanchez & Detroit's BAM Heir/Warrior Artist Jessica Care Moore warmed collars on Planet Ferguson, “dropping” soul lodes at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). Moderated by April R. (Akila Worksongs) Silver—with warm up chops from MK Stallings' UrbArts poets JayLuvve, Chris Ware, Freeman Word, and PoeticSlang—Sonia & Jessica did bardic boogaloos, raising conch-us-nests to the sky's “unlimit,” as East Boogie poet Sherman L. Fowler hits it. 
Kwansaba: Resurrection of the Blues on Planet Ferguson
Shot & sawed off at the knees,
he slumped forward toward a second death.
His black-boy-glory was not a
perfect song as it flatted like a
fifth face down on an asphalt cross.
He arose, happy as a warrior-mourner
in Tornado Alley, reborn, again, as blues.
by Eugene B. Redmond
ebr typed 11/22-23/2014 6:30pm & 7am    12/9/ 2014 10pm
Kwansaba: With Revolutionary Poets Brigade at SF's Art Internationale 2015
Dancing with griefs, battle-knit poets reprize
Maya, Amiri & Edward Dorn. A saxy
alto phones Miles & a high-octave
Argentine sings love's vigil lance. More bardic
yawps, dances, griefs. More cities quick-sanding
into racial “chaosmos.” More poetrees lining streets
of San Francisco, East Boogie & Charleston.
Eugene B. Redmond
“Realing” from the tall daze--& gaze--of the Second Annual Sacramento Black Book Fair, June 5-7,  I rode with friends, Maasai & Lori Jean Hatten, to San Francisco on June 8, where, after dinner overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Lori & I performed with the Revolutionary Poets Brigade at Art Internationale. Painter-poet Dorothy (Dottie) Payne (“Birthmarks”) & RPB's Jack Hirschman (author of over 50 books) had recently returned from Cuba. In 2012 they'd hosted the East St. Louis (IL)-based EBR Writers Club at AI. Among June 8 performers: poets Neeli Chercovski, Gary Hicks, John Landry (former Poet Laureate of Massachusetts), Sarah Menefee, Payne & Robbie Suggs; & saxophonist George Long & tenor Claudio Santome. Hirschman is U.S. Representative to the World Poetry Movement founded in Medellin, Colombia in 2011.