Konch Magazine - Konch July/August 2017 by Ishmael Reed

 Editor’s Notes

 This issue features an interview with Corrine Jennings.She is one of those unsung geniuses who walk the walk.With her partner Joe Overstreet,she owns two art galleries on East 2nd Street on the Lower East Side

New York. She’s been the Director since 1980.

  They also manage apartments on the same block. Like other Black Entrepreneurs, they have constantly been under siege by people who don’t want to see Blacks own anything.Not only whites,immigrants, people who reject their African ancestry and are into self loathing and traditional black Americans who are still fond of slavery attempt to frustrate their efforts.

   You don’t see Jennings and Overstreet getting into a knife fight with other artists over who can get a show in an uptown museum or gallery.They have their own. Billie Holiday says “God bless the child that's got his own.”They own one of the best collections of Black Art on the planet, but have mounted hundreds of exhibits by artists from a variety of backgrounds.I interviewed Corrine on June 25, 2017. You will be dazzled as I was by Corrine Jennings wealth of knowledge.

    Writer and critic Marco Fazzini writes about Amiri Baraka’s Italian connection.

     Faith Mitchell is the author of the classic ,HooDoo Medicine.

    We have new poems by James Bertolino and Tennessee Reed.

    Though Jeffrey Toobin has made millions by suggesting that Black Americans supported O.J. because “ they can’t deal with reality,” there are lingering questions about the case which won’t go away in the face of sensational profit making tabloid dismissals.

Ishmael Reed