Konch Magazine - Ishmael Reed Interviews Quincy Troupe on Racism in Sports Commentary, the N.B.A. Finals, etc.
Quincy Troupe edited interview with Ishmael Reed May 31st, 2017
Ishmael Reed: You know, I was looking at Jack London’s comments on Jack Johnson. He’s supposed to have created the term “white hope.”
Quincy Troupe: Yeah.
Ishmael Reed: I was shocked to see his notions about Jack Johnson were very complimentary in comparison to the kind of sports commentary we get today, so I just want to say, first of all, that we might be going backwards in this commentary and I want to give you two examples. Floyd Mayweather said that boxing commentators were biased towards the whites or towards the black boxers and I watched that Klitschko and the Anthony Joshua fight. The broadcasters were…they used the expression that Klitschko was like a lion, that he was not going to go away and that as a matter of fact, Roy Jones, Junior has been knocked out so much he can’t think straight anymore, he’s been knocked out so much. He said he’s never seen Klitschko so good, and that the old lion’s not going to go away, and before Anthony Joshua knocked him out, they said that Joshua was being out maneuvered and that his punch, he was just pawing. That’s kind of typical of the kind of boxing commentary that we get and I want to refer you to Larry Merchant in that fight he had with Floyd Mayweather, where Floyd Mayweather, I guess he had to apologize so he could keep the contract he had with the networks. But, Larry Merchant, you know, was a big old Klitschko fan, and when Klitschko got knocked out, Larry Merchant said it was a shock to the boxing world, and George Foreman, who was a co-broadcaster at the time said, “it was a shock to your world.” One of the reasons George Foreman left the broadcasting business with those guys was because he said they didn’t know what they were talking about. Now you’ve played basketball in Europe. Did you encounter this kind of racism over there?
Quincy Troupe: I didn’t encounter racism like that on the American team I played with. But I did encounter nationalism when I was playing with an American team against whatever European team we played, especially because we always beat them. So, if we played Germany and France or Spain or whatever, we encountered nationalism, but it wasn’t racial bias. And then when I played on a French team I did encounter racism, because I was the only African American on the team. So, I did encounter then. But it might have been some local nationalism also, you know, one region of France against another. But it wasn’t pronounced, you know. They rooted for the French. I was playing for a team from Orleans, so when we played a team from Nice in Nice the locals would root for Nice. And since I was the star of the Orleans team, some of the local referees outside of Orleans would try to foul me out, but that’s normal. It wasn’t pronounced racism though, because they called this against my French teammates also, who were all white. They were just trying to help their local team win. It was city versus city. That kind of thing. But in the United States today I’ve been noticing some racism in some of the referees and fans especially in basketball. I have always thought that Larry Merchant, along with other White sports announcers – not all - were biased. For me Merchant always seemed that way. I have always thought he’s been against African American boxers, especially those who have been very successful and those who make a lot of money. I think some of it is racially motivated, because some of the boxers make so much money. I just think they are jealous, you know. These White sportswriters don’t seem to mind White athletes in baseball and golf making boatloads of money but their fangs come out when it’s someone Black. That’s my opinion. It’s all mixed up with money and race because they don’t think black people should be making that kind of money, so when you get down to basketball, I see it a lot in basketball, especially in some white referees, because a lot of them are short guys who never played basketball. They never played and here they are in control of a game with all these spectacularly gifted African American athletes like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving – who is at times is a spectacular player -and then you got Stephen Curry, who’s also a great player, you know. You have all of these great African American players, you know, without any White players that are the equal of Larry Bird now. You don’t have any White players like Larry Bird in the NBA. You have some really good White players, though now. Don’t get me wrong, like Dirk Nowitzki, or Kevin Love, who are really good players, but now age is eroding their skills. But what I’m saying is you see a lot of animosity coming from some white referees because there aren’t a lot of great White basketball players today. At least that’s what I think. Then, there’s some of the sportscasters and announcers. They had an announcer the other night talking about the Cavaliers. He was there with somebody, two black announcers, I think it was what’s his name, Jaylen Rose and some other guy who I can’t think of his name right now. But anyway, the White broadcaster was trying to talk about how come the Cavaliers and Golden State were beating the other 2 teams so badly, and why weren’t they more evenly matched and, and the Black announcers – former NBA players - had to tell him, “Look, man, you’ve got these great players playing now, man, and this is the way it is. You got two great super teams in the league now. The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers” and the other teams just don’t have that kind of talent. But it took awhile for the White guy to get that reality lodged in his head, mainly because he had never been a player but just went to broadcasting school.
Also, you got some great players on these teams and you’re going to have a lot of jealousies and a lot of other problems, you know and a lot of people don’t like it. I’m just making this a long answer. They don’t like LeBron James because he’s got a consciousness, too. Not only does he make a lot of money, he employees a lot of black people in Akron and in Cleveland. He’s speaking his mind on stuff. So are some of the rest of them. You know what I mean? And many Whites don’t like that so much. They just want you to play basketball and not talk about politics. Well, you know, that’s not the way it is anymore. It’s not like that, anymore.
Ishmael Reed: Marv Jackson said that Mike Brown wasn’t getting the credit that he deserved for coaching the Warriors while Steve Kerr is absent.
Quincy Troupe: Yeah. I agree with him on that. I agree with that. I mean Mike Brown has done a great job with that team. But, you know, many Whites need a white coach in a lot of these situations. I’m sorry. You’ve got a lot of white nationalism in sports. I mean it’s a very racially divided nation, so why should sports be any different, or publishing, poetry, or Hollywood. Like I said, you have a lot of White nationalism in the United States today – that’s why Trump is President! – so why should it be any different in sports, with some of the players and the coaches? When it comes down to the facts coaches are between the players and their owners, and many of them are White. And since most of the sports announcers and writers are White its to reason that many of them interview the coaches of the team when it comes to basketball and football, instead of the Black players. As a former basketball player, I know coaches are integral to the game, but when you get on the court, it is the players that execute the coaches strategy. It’s LeBron James that and Stephen Curry who execute the Coach’s plan. I mean Luke Walton went down to Los Angeles from Golden State and that team has flopped so far because they don’t have the talent. Everyone was talking about how he was the next great coach before he arrived in Los Angeles but not so much today. You can be a great coach – and I think Luke Walton is a very fine young coach - but if you don’t have the personnel, you become the grass and the other team is the lawn mower. The other problem for me is that many Whites think of the coach as the brains of the team and they don’t like thinking of African-Americans in this way, whether they are coaches are players. You very seldom hear White announcers or sports writers saying or writing that African-American players are smart. But say this all the time about White players.  
Ishmael Reed: Sometimes you see Draymond Green and these other guys coaching themselves. They’re the ones giving instructions to the teams.
Quincy Troupe: Well, that’s right, I mean, you know, when you got great players like Draymond Green, he’s a very smart player, but he also comes out and gets on my nerves, because he makes dumb plays. I mean he gets too emotionally involved and people have to calm him down. He’s a very smart player. He’s a very good player, too. He’s a hard nose player from Michigan State, you know, them hard nose Midwestern players, you know. He’s a prototype of one of those players from the Midwest who are hard nosed.
But he’s also a very smart and a very heady player, except when he allows his passion to get the best of him. What I’m trying to say here is, yeah they don’t want to give Mike Brown any credit ‘cause they want Steve Kerr to come back so he can be the base of the organization and be credited with winning another championship.
Ishmael Reed: Well, Quincy, let me ask you this. I was at the Y, in the locker room, and this middle aged white guy and an Asian guy, and I think this was deliberate, they stopped right at my locker and starting praising Steve Kerr and Ginóbli, how great they were, you know, and the press out here said that when the Warriors were behind in the first game against San Antonio, it was Steve Kerr’s little thirty second pep talk that got them to win. I found myself coming out there saying, “San Antonio’s a white supremacist team. Why don’t you guys give the black coach credit.”  So even if they have black players is San Antonio the white hope team?
Quincy Troupe: I think it’s because Popovich is a great coach. I give Popovich credit for the fact that he’s a great coach, but also Popovich is an outspoken guy. He’s against right wing politics, and he says this openly, so I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a white nationalist team. They just don’t have any other choices.
Ishmael Reed: No, I’m talking about in the eyes of the San Antonio fans and the broadcasters.
Quincy Troupe: Yeah, but they’re in Texas, the broadcasters. First of all Popovich doesn’t even speak to them. He thinks they’re stupid. Most of those sportscasters, most of those writers, what you’ve got to realize, what most people have to realize is that is most writers have not been players. They have not been players. They’re little guys, little white guys, and see, that’s where a lot of the racism comes in, as I said earlier, and a lot of the racism comes from the fact that those journalists who write in the newspapers, and I’m talking about the New York Times and most of those other so called “liberal” newspapers, are very, very, very biased, for the most part and yes I find them very racist in their point of view regarding who they try too push in terms of the modern game of basketball and that’s not too say there aren’t great white basketball players, because there are and I take off my hats and celebrate them. But the fact of the matter, the greatest players in the basketball are African-Americans and a lot of white people – critics and fans – find that hard to deal with.
Ishmael Reed: They’ve got this woman at the Times, I’ll put her name in during the interview, as a matter of fact I’ve gotten in contact with her, she regularly put down Tiger Woods, and now that he’s been out, they’re begging for him to come back.
Quincy Troupe: Right. I mean they’re not making any money like they used to before Tiger got hurt. I mean, Tiger Woods, he is this double edged man, who seems to hate that he’s Black but has  a love/hate relationship with Whites, including White women. When he was in his prime he brought out the bad and the good in white people, because the racists wanted to see him lose badly to white men and then there were the others who wanted to see some great golf and for years Tiger was it.
Ishmael Reed: And white people watch it.
Quincy Troupe: Than there was a whole bunch of them who wanted to see someone White beat the hell out of Tiger Woods.
Ishmael Reed: Well, I would watch it. Black people watched it, too. They say that even when he loses, their ratings go up.
Quincy Troupe: Well, see, the whole thing is black people were rooting for Tiger Woods, even though Tiger Woods wasn’t rooting for black people a whole lot of the time, you know? But he’s a black guy, so they were rooting for him. I think Tiger’s come to that understanding now. He’s come to that understanding since he’s been hurt. He’s a sympathetic figure in a way due to the fact that he will never be like he was because of his bad back, and that’s a physical problem. Tiger’s like me as a basketball player, because after I hurt my knee twice I was never the same player I used to be, and as an athlete you’ve have to recognize that. That’s the way it is. Age and injury can knock you down.
Ishmael Reed: Now let me ask you one other question. Kawhi Leonard. That was an ordinary foul according to the referees on the floor. People get injured in basketball all the time, like Rose, who used to play for the Chicago Bulls, even Kevin Durant was out for months. Zaza Pachulia, his family’s been receiving death threats.
Quincy Troupe: Yeah. I know. But he didn’t do anything.
Ishmael Reed: But I mean, what is that all about where people get injured all of the time, but in this case, they wanted San Antonio to win so badly that his family is getting death threats.
Quincy Troupe: Yeah. They got death threats. This is the way it is in sports. You get death threats. I mean, you get death threats, People get death threats if somebody’s team goes down like Kawhi Leonard’s team did. Now Leonard is a great player and he said what happened to him wasn’t a dirty play. But some people don’t care and many of San Antonio’s fans overruled what he thought. He said he didn’t think the play was dirty, that he just came down on his ankle in an awkward situation, but not many of San Antonio’s fans wanted to listen to that. They’re like, “Oh shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” And the reason they felt this way is because San Antonio lost and the fans were pissed off.
Ishmael Reed: But this is unusual, all this wrath. They’re talking about, “Oh, San Antonio would have won.” I mean, a lot of teams would have won if star players hadn’t been injured. Why in this case is their such a hatred and enmity towards Pachulia?
Quincy Troupe: Like I said, it wasn’t intentional, Leonard even said this. That’s the way it was, and, you know, I can admit I hated Pechulia also for a second, but then I realized this is the game, you know, this is what it is, people get hurt, great players get hurt. It’s part of the game of basketball! I KNOW because I had my knee wrecked and that was it for me and so I became a poet, a writer and haven’t looked back. People have so much invested in sports that sometimes it leads to hatred when their side loses. Also, in my opinion, the reason the powers that be -White people - started the combat, kick boxing phenomenon that’s happening in the ring today was because of White nationalism and that black people were winning too many championships! So they invented another sport and it’s paying off with high TV ratings that bring in dollars! This is just the world we live in today.
Ishmael Reed: Yeah, well they’re trying them for that, too. They’re taking over that sport.
Quincy Troupe: I know, but they had to create another sport, but then  some black guys came along and they were good at this sport, too. This is the way it is, man. Some white people want McGregor to beat Mayweather so bad! They can taste it. It doesn’t matter that he is from Ireland, though, or Scotland, or wherever he’s from and he’s not American. But Mayweather is but that doesn’t matter. They want him to win because he’s a white guy and Floyd is Black! That’s the way it is in this totally divided nation and it’s a shame and it’s dangerous! Because united we can stand but divided this nation will come apart at the seams and it will fall.
Ishmael Reed: Yeah, well, he’s going to be knocked out. Listen, let me ask you this. This is the last question. I know you have a lot of respect for Popovich, but the way I look at it…
Quincy Troupe: I have a lot of respect for him I do.
Ishmael Reed: Brad Stevens of the Celtics, the coach for the Celtics, you would think that given these sports commentaries that they are the ones that won. They don’t talk very much about Tyronn Lue. What is that all about? You’ve got two black coaches in the finals, and you would think that Popovich and Brad Stevens were the ones who won according to the sports commentary like they said even when Klitschko got knocked out they said that he was like a lion.
Quincy Troupe: Yeah, well, they wanted Klitschko to win so bad. I’m telling you man, it’s like if McGregor beat Mayweather. This has normal behavior for many White people. This is what I don’t like about racism as an ex-player. Take Larry Bird. They tried to put it on Larry Bird, saying that he was the greatest basketball player in t5he world. But Larry Bird said, “I ain’t the greatest player. I’m not. Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson is better than me.” He just laid it out there, man. He wouldn’t buy into that kind of racist nonsense because he knew better. That pissed off a lot of white guys because he wouldn’t accept their notion of white supremacy.
Ishmael Reed: Race traitor.
Quincy Troupe: Yeah, some Whites need to have somebody, you know what IU mean? And I can understand this because IU need somebody too, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has too be somebody Black. What I want to cheer for is the best possible person.  Brad Stevens, he’s come along, he’s a thoughtful coach, he thinks through things. Same thing with Steve Kerr. He helps makes Golden State great, but so does Tyron Lue.
Ishmael Reed: Luke Walton won all of the games last year. Luke Walton won most of the games last year and the team won.
Quincy Troupe: Because he had talent. Then he went down to L.A. and they can’t win because he doesn’t have the talent. You’ve gotta have talent, man. You’ve gotta have talent. That’s a necessity. You’ve got to have great talent, It’s what has to happen in the United States, I mean we see it right now, I hate to put this in the other arena, I mean they are trying to take away everything. These white people in the United States now would rather have their health care taken away, the climate ruling’s ignored, all this stuff, because they don’t want Obama to have a great legacy while he was President. They’d rather be sick and almost dead. That’s where we are now. I hate to say it, but it’s like that, it is what it is. I mean the congress should fix Obamas’s health care legislation not destroy it. They could fix what Obama did.
Ishmael Reed: No they’re for Obamacare now.
Quincy Troupe: Some of those republicans are for Obama care, but not many.
Ishmael Reed: It had a black man’s name on it. That’s why they’re against it.
Quincy Troupe: The bill had his name on it so they didn’t like it. But they – White republicans were the ones that named it Obamacare to keep reminding their racist white constituents who HATED President Obama, just because he was Black, though the bill was actual called it The Affordable Care Act. But calling it his didn’t suit their racist agenda.
Ishmael Reed: Well, the media put, I did a study. I put my own little study on this. The media put a black face on Obamacare every time it was talked about or reported. They had black people as the ones receiving it.
Quincy Troupe: Look, I agree with you. I agree with that. They did that. Barack Obama didn’t say this was Obamacare. The media did it and the republican party did it. See, that’s what they did. So now they got a terrible health care bill called “Trumpcare” – but republicans don’t want to call it that because it’s never going to work, because 23 million people will lose their health care and 40 to 50 million in the future and that will cost the conservatives millions of votes, cause them to lose the senate, the house, the presidency and governorships in the future. They don’t want that. That’s their delimma. But they want  to repeal this healthcare. If they don’t have this law, they have nothing. You know, they ain’t going to have nothing. Repealing Obamacare means a big tax cut for a whole lot of wealthy people. That’s all it is. A transfer of wealth. People don’t understand that repealing the bill is only a transfer of wealth.
Ishmael Reed: Well let me ask you this. I got backlash out here. I told you that I wrote that the Warriors who love Marv Jackson who brought them all the way to the finals. They would have gotten to the finals if the big man, what’s his name, hadn’t got injured. He was injured.
Quincy Troupe: Andrew Bogut.
Ishmael Reed: Yeah. So I said that even though they’re millionaires, you know, we’ve said this before, they’re in a position of slavery because they can’t tell who’s going to be sold down the river. They got hundreds of millions of dollars. Why can’t they do their own teams? Michael Jordan got his own team. Charlotte.
Quincy Troupe: Yeah, Charlotte. So you’re saying that we should own the teams?
Ishmael Reed: The basketball players have enough money. They can organize their own teams.
Quincy Troupe: I know they could.
Ishmael Reed: They’re all into this bling bling culture.
Quincy Troupe: I know. I understand that. I understand that, but you know I’ve been saying that not just in terms of basketball we could own those teams. But we should own publishing houses, too.
Ishmael Reed: That’s right.
Quincy Troupe: We should own the magazines, publishing houses that put out books. You do that Ishmael, you put out books. You published a couple of my books of poetry, along with Steve Cannon. So the point is that most Black people are not ready for ownership in this country. Some people, whether they got money or not, they’re just afraid to take those risks. They’re afraid to take those risks and that’s a problem. That’s a problem for all of us, and I’ve always said that black entrepreneurs should not only own publishing houses but should own magazines and newspapers that go from coast to coast and record companies and everything else, and I’ve been saying this for a long time. So one of the things I’ve always talked about, as you know, and so it’s like the same syndrome with basketball players. I mean they might be great basketball players but they’re not great business people. They don’t think about it now. Maybe when they finish playing they will think about it.
Ishmael Reed: But Michael Jordan got his own team. He’s an entrepreneur…this guy Dave Zirin, that’s still not enough. He puts down these black athletes and puts down Michael Jordan for not being militant or something.
Quincy Troupe: Well Dave Zirin is an idiot and not trustworthy and he’s always been like that. I think Dave Zirin’s the one that did a piece of mine for Spin. I think it was him. I’m not sure. I wrote a page on basketball for Spin and the cut down my stuff. They were so ridiculous, you know, in Spin Magazine, so that’s what I’m saying. You’ve got all these white journalists who are jealous. They’re just jealous, man. They’re jealous of the money, they’re jealous of them having women, they’re jealous of the houses, they’re jealous of the fame, they’re jealous because they want it for themselves.
Ishmael Reed: If Steve Kerr, who’s got back problems, if he were caught asleep at the wheel of a car, and if it was Vicatin, it was found out that he was taking pain medication for his back, do you think that they would say his career is coming to an end?
Quincy Troupe: No.
Ishmael Reed: Okay. You wanna elaborate?
Quincy Troupe: No, they don’t talk about white people like that. They never do. I mean, they just don’t. All you gotta do is look at the way they’re talking about Trump now. All these women said he assaulted them, molested them. I mean they are giving Trump all kinds of slack. I agree that Kathy Griffin shouldn’t have held up the head of Trump, because I don’t believe in any of this kind of behavior. But the way that they talked about Obama here, when and before he President, they never said anything when they even spoke of killing him.
Ishmael Reed: Yeah, but they had Ted Nugent at the White House who said Obama oughta be assassinated.
Quincy Troupe: I mean, that’s what I’m talking about, so you know, it’s just another ballgame for white people than it is for black men, especially today than it is for White men. White men always have been and always will be allowed to do almost anything without a threat of being punished. That’s why the country is falling apart.
Ishmael Reed: Greta van Susteren was outraged by this, yet it was announced that hundreds of civilians, women and children, have been killed in Syria under Trump’s orders.
Quincy Troupe: Right.
Ishmael Reed: Why aren’t they outraged by that?
Quincy Troupe: They aren’t outraged because they’re not white people being killed. They’re Arabs, so they don’t seem outraged by that. They look at them as the enemy. I mean, many of them aren’t outraged by black kids getting killed in the cities either. They weren’t outraged when all of those black men were dying of drug overdoses back in the 80’s and 90’s. They weren’t outraged by that. They’re only outraged now because of the fact that it’s white men and white women dying of drug abuse. That’s the way they look at the world. Unfortunately, in the twenty-first century, that’s the way they look at the world. That’s why things will probably never change. They can talk about it all they want, but they have to make concrete steps in order to fix this problem and they’re not going to do it. They’re incapable. Like Baldwin said, they’re incapable of doing it. And as much as I like Tiger Woods as a golfer, some of this misery has been brought on by himself, you know what I mean, because of the fact that it just always happens with these kinds of black guys.
Ishmael Reed: Like OJ?
Quincy Troupe: Yeah, like OJ. Those kind of Black men are always trying to do what they do and walk that path and not say anything upsetting about race relations in America, then they get hit all upside the head by racism when they make one misstep. That’s the way it is. They don’t read the cards correctly and they don’t understand the place in this world White people have reserved for them, which is that Black people are subservient to White people. When they put that “nigger” scrawl on the front of the house of LeBron James that’s what they were telling him. And I was proud that he said hate in America, especially for African Americans, is “living everyday.” It’s everyday. This is the way it is and it is.
Ishmael Reed: Yeah, but he’s scandal free. I mean, you got one man, he said he’s been involved in a scandal, although white men have all the women they want and they don’t call it scandalous. They don’t call it a crime. But, you know, LeBron James has done everything right. He’s married, he’s stable, why do they hate him? Why do they hate LeBron?
Quincy Troupe: ‘Cause he’s an African American. He’s a black man. He’s rich and he’s great and they just don’t like it. They just don’t like none of that. They don’t like it. They don’t like a black man being held up like Lebron James is in this country. They can’t deal with it, and that’s a problem, of course they like making money off Lebron through him selling their merchandise. They can’t deal with it in poetry either. They like “safe” poets who don’t rock the boat. Proud Black men and women just rattle them, their privileged sense of themselves, of the false image they have meticulously constructed for themselves over all these years. Because they have already told us that they are the most genius people on the planet, and then here comes a black guy that has gone through all kinds of stuff and whether it’s in poetry or fiction or sports or whatever, and then they have an exemplary record on top of it they just can’t take it and have too change the narrative and image of that person, I mean, whatever you say, Barack Obama, whether you agree with him or not, was an elegant and great person in the White House. He was a brilliant person in the White House. He made all the right moves. But they didn’t like him because he was a black guy in the White House. They just didn’t like it and they didn’t like his wife, Michelle either and probably not his two daughters either! For example, now, Trump is about to give back Russian compounds to the Russians. Ain’t nobody said nothin’. They’re not sayin’ nothin.’ They’re trying to normalize it. They’re trying to normalize it, you know. But this is the way they roll. This is the way it is, man.
Ishmael Reed: Well, why do you think both the white left and the white right are excusing the fact that college educated whites voted for Trump and they tried to blame it all on the white working class?
Quincy Troupe: Because they can’t take it. If they’re educated, that means they should be able to see through BS. I mean that’s what they went to college for. That’s why they paid all that money to go Harvard and all those schools like Yale and Princeton and MIT and all those other great schools. That’s what they paid all that money for. They’re living in the suburbs knowing what it is, but in the end they’re white people. They are. They can’t get past it. They just cannot get past it. Some can but many can’t. What is really instructive about Donald Trump being president is that it just shows us that they cannot get past it. They want him to succeed so badly after Obama. They want him to succeed, even so called “educated” white people. What does that mean? That means they went to school. Did they get any racial understanding? No. Most didn’t. Some did. Did they change any of their racial feelings? No, many didn’t and again some did. They just got degrees.
Ishmael Reed: Do you think it’s a white supremacist curriculum?
Quincy Troupe: Of course. This is a white supremacist country. This is what it is.
Ishmael Reed: What about the two white guys who intervened when this guy approached the one Muslim girl and her black friend on the subway?
Quincy Troupe: Yeah, well that was a great gesture by those three White men. Two were killed and one was severely injured. But than again the media was outraged that he killed two white people. That’s what it is. If it was black guys that had gotten killed, black people or Muslims, well, you know, hey, I don’t know because I don’t see it when people of color are killed like this. But he killed two white guys so they are outraged.
Ishmael Reed: Well Fox news gave this white terrorist an out. They talked about his background. They sort of sympathized with him.
Quincy Troupe: What’s his background?
Ishmael Reed: I guess they were saying he was mentally ill or something or whatever.
Quincy Troupe: They always help out white people when they do crazy stuff like that, but we people of color are never mentally ill when WE go crazy after all these years of being oppressed. Now WE have a legitimate reason to be insane, you know what I mean? At leasat I think so.
Ishmael Reed: Okay. That’s enough. That’s enough.