Konch Magazine - Flowers by Jack Foley


Today I saw a woman 
with a large bouquet of flowers
coming out of Trader Joe's.
I remembered that, every Monday,
Adelle brought such a bouquet 
from Trader Joe's
to AC Transit
to brighten her desk. 
One Monday,
miscalculating a left turn
towards a parking lot,
she totaled the car. 
The accident was her fault,
and she had to phone me. 
I hurried to the scene. 
There she stood, entirely alone,
holding her flowers
in front of the wrecked car. 
She looked utterly forlorn
and uncharacteristically waif-like.
I could not be angry at her. 
I could feel nothing but love
and a desire to comfort 
the beautiful lost thing before me,
the thing clutching her flowers. 
Now that I have seen her through her death 
and she is gone,
I remember that moment 
as what might have been disaster and anger
but was instead