Konch Magazine - Yellows Still Wooing the White Man? by Frank Chin

Yellows Still Wooing The White Man? Frank Chin


Yellow White racism.Still wooing the White man.  You White racist Chinese Christians insist on licking up the Whiteman's mess. Your smarts have reached the point of White fear. You can't you refuse to think Chinese. You've turned it off for so long it frightens you. You think your expressions of fear and stupidity are charming. They're not. They're stupid. Too bad you're a teacher of AAS.


If the Chinese didn't have to pay for "honors" where no one alive is honored- If the Whites wanted to honor the Chinese they would have every White in Utah  come to promontory and bow to the Chinese posing for the Meeting of the Rails.  The Whites would insist on paying the Chinese way to the ceremony.   They would kowtow three times for ordering the Chinese out of the White racist state within a week's (?) time.  They would devote an issue of the Utah paper to the Chinese. 


AAS would have published the stories they collected of Irish and Chinese warfare up to the Day at Promontory. Oh, they haven't collected the stories.  I guess, I'm the only Chinaman that's talked to the Chinamen who built the railroad. You haven't found the Chinamen foreman of the gangs.  All you've done is sweep up the White "scholars" scraps.  NOTHING ORIGINAL. Nothing Chinese.


They would have restored the Chinaman crosstie to the Chinese the RR barons had  split and removed to the trophy rooms of the C.P and U.P. THey would placed restored tie in a place of honor by the rails.


But the Whites and ChineseAmericanHistoricalSociety (CAHS ) aren't serious.


No demand for  150 years of  teaching the heroic tradition missing in Cameron House education for 150 years. 

Fuck the CAHS- all they have done is recover Jake Lee's paintings without understanding them as art with Dong Kingman, and Jim Leong. 


Every Yellow approved b y Whites fails to see the similarities between Jake Lee's paintings of the railroad building over the Sierras and the walkways built into the mountains of the Tang painting of Emperor Mengfu Flight to Hsu.


Jim Leong's wife, Seattle Times and P-I Colmunist Emmett Watson's research asst, is the champion of Jim's work. (Watson broke the story of Hemingway's suicide by shotgun fired by his toe on the trigger)  Jim  was a victim of Historical Society White racist - painting out of Chinese with "pigtails" and "ladies with babies on their backs cutting meat."  Jim painted "Chinatown reality."  The CAHS said they were the Chinese. And threw the painting into the basement of Ping Yuen housing project.  


Jim when he lived, pointed out the "authentic" Chinese details. I asked if she knew the characters of the Chinese Heroic tradition. And I named them in the blank she presented to me. "Should I?" she  resented to me.  Even the intelligent artistic Chinese are White racists. Why? They're from Frisco and were educated by Cameron House.  


The paintings by Chinese were sketched from life and then seriously  brushed in the studio, where the artist painted nature as he has internalized what he has seen with the world.  Once the thinking, or planning or meditation is over and the brush, ink, water and paper meet, art  happens fast.  Not so European art...European art is done in lonely circumstances. Chinese art  yearns for solitude but is made amidst chaos of friends and family in the artists solitude.


The American Dong Kingman painted the same way, sketch from life- paint at home with his family.  


The book on Asian-American art by Stanford  scholars sees art as taught to us stupid Yellows by Whites- I forget the name- the cover is a painting of spectacular red cirrus clouds  floating overhead at dawn- 

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