Konch Magazine - Yellow Anxiety by Robert Morrison

Robert Morrison







            Yellow Anxiety


Its Tuesday morning,


The store just opened.


I fear that today might be the day.


Its been four days since I was shelved


by, “Hi, My Name Is Molly”, and I haven't


been abducted.


Thoughts of this day, have waged war on  my mind


 since I got separated from the bunch I called




This fear has taken me.


The others can see it through


the rotting of my, once sturdy, exterior.


My color used to shine vibrantly,


as if I bathed in the yellow strip of a rainbow.


But now I show streaks of brown, as dull as


a dim light bulb.


What once, was a smooth and protective barrier,


is now mushy, and weak, like a baby's fat.


I'm losing my mind, just eat me already...