Konch Magazine - Visitations 12-11-2003 by Valerie Deus

Visitations 12-11-2003 by Anonymous

At first you asked about my life 
About my parents and how there was
always winter
You mentioned that you father was in the hospital for test but that he was fine
that you were getting old and that you wanted to stay home more 
but that you’d be traveling if you had the money 
or faith as white as sky
We laughed because we couldn’t talk 
I couldn’t breathe when you said my name or read your emails 
We laughed because we couldn’t talk about the sharp pains in my chest 
diving and remembering
I was in love
Then we hung up.
Called me back with a story about me taking a nap and not grading papers
You told me nothing was wrong but that you wanted me to visit. The wrong was that I wasn’t there with you.
You missed me and wanted my visit. You wanted.