Konch Magazine - Untitled Poem Written the 28th

            Untitled poem written the 28th of October, 2013

            By Theo Konrad Auer



            Restocking the rubber ducky bin:

            Doctor Duck, Easter Rabbit Ears Wearin' Duck,

Lifeguard Duck, Pirate Duck and Sailor Duck.

            I am watching water move and

            I am drinking from the same bottle we shared yesterday:

            Pellegrino, The Asian Art Museum and Leftover Pad Thai

will now remind me of you.


            Swimming circles instead of laps I

            am searching for a Spanish or Chech  word

            for this feeling and I am coming up short and

            I'll freely admit that I stole bits of this graph from Silver Jews

            and right now I can't help but think of you:

            Your red really brown hair, your eyes –

each of them a different color and

            the way you smile so naturally without artifice,

I can't help but think of that as I am


            On the train, going to work

            I receive your text,

            as expected/unexpected/expected

            arrived/arriving at just the right time for

            work(s) to begin..