Konch Magazine - Untitled by Valerie Deus

Untitled by Anonymous

Your happiness leaves me growing slow and thick  
these days arms are lonelier in a way 
they make me dreams of dried apples
on the kitchen table and passing time
I'm lost in the neighbor and her rising grass

in gravel I hear spare voices 
a mother who’s more than a crowd and too afraid
to see what her hand is missing
what her hand let go 
two slipper wings hide beneath her feet
I cross the street to get a better look

in a grassy face I find beauty
the soft smell of growing skin
black stubble on the shoulders
a mole you didn't notice yesterday
in a ragged seam 

but the boys try to concentrate 
on painting the fence around their home
The sun bleeds onto your face
staining it red 

We plan and sort and aren't the types to forget 
the comfort of a welcome
or badly bruised fingers caught in the seam of the door
In coffee shops I sleep in my thoughts 
and read my future in the strands of your loose hairs 
short and blunt
cut straight across the eyes 
here hidden in my pockets
you give me forever in a cup of coffee black 
no cream no sugar
like your women
the live women who fill the rooms where you are
breast and hips flow to fill the holes in your every day
they are strong the way sixty isn't enough for jeans, thighs or a new kind of lover
you make promises under a warm moon 
and I'm making jam from the berries in the backyard

there are no sharp edges in a letter written in haste
it's waves crash and dulls the grain of the page
round and kneeling it gives way to thumbs and crescents 
now I'm happy for you and happiness
finds it's home in my round mouth like a lie
to call out a name not given to me
neither by purchase, barter or lottery 
to get a phone is not having a conversation
a conversation with politeness is the nest of hair on your chest unshaved for me to see and it takes long to say what i want
The last time I came to visit i left the country. silly non, 
one can't hide from her pillows or dresser drawers, they come with you

Untitled by Anonymous

I saw what lies beneath hidden girls. 
It’s a village with a population of old boys who leave mementos and pull coins out of your ears.
Without you I am out of touch with the drama I don't miss.
I do miss in the sense that it hasn't crossed my mind 
since then but it was interesting to hear about. 
i still haven't gotten over the women wearing mattresses on their backs 
But today, I thought about us sitting together drinking wine and sharing squid.  

Are you thick around the middle yet? Thick as thieves? 
Then realized that I could be considered as something or someone harmful. That is the last thing I wanted was your self assured swagger capable of hurting me, coming to town. Because that would mean me liking you and why would I do that? 
Damn, I just saw a girl get her heels caught in the grates of a vent. Damn, she was wearing some clothes I don't like. Some protestant, conservative, ann taylor, clean, boring clothes. Not gently worn like yours but what do I expect really?

No, I'm not going to give you a blow by blow account of what happens out this window. I'd only do that if I were a detective and your husband were ducking in and out of the apartment across the street.

Inspired and too tired to write more but already dreaming…