Konch Magazine - "Trump's Self KO" by Ishmael Reed
  Donald Trump Goes For The KO
         I was staying at The Affinia Hotel, now called The Southgate Tower, on April 17th, 2004. I’d come to New York to meet some of those whose interviews would be included in my book, “The Complete Muhammad Ali.” That morning, I’d interviewed the late Village Voice sports writer Clayton Riley and concluded my interviews with Stanley Crouch, columnist for The Daily News.
         Because it’s located across the street from Madison Square Garden, Southgate Towers is the boxer’s hotel. Among those whom I have met there over the years are former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman and the late Arturo Gatti’s trainer, Buddy McGirt.
         While going in and out of the hotel that day, I noticed a lobby full of members of heavyweight fighter, Chris Byrd’s entourage. He was fighting a big bruiser of Polish ancestry, Andrew Golota. Though it was late that evening and some of the preliminary fights had concluded, I decided to walk across the street to see the main event. It was a memorable day because a scalper sold me a ringside ticket at an unbelievable price. I was used to watching live fights from the balcony or on PPV.
         So there I was sitting among some celebrities. Seated across from me was Donald Trump. While I was there to be simply entertained by the event, Trump examined the bout like a student attending a required lecture.
         Andrew Golota played the bull to Byrd’s matador, fending off the charger with a flurry of crowd-pleasing punches though the late Emanuel Steward dismissed them as slaps. But these slaps had defeated Evander Holyfield and Vitali Klitschko, who, during their fight, retired on his stool from a shoulder injury.
         Donald Trump has successfully applied the lessons learned from his study of boxers to the political arena. To voters like me, he’s the bully, but like Joe Louis, he has had his bums of the month. His specialty is the sucker punch, in which he can knockout his opponents with a swift often humorous attack, or at least, throw them off message with a TKO. Governor Perry charges. Wham, Trump says he’s wearing glasses so that people will think he’s smart. The crowd roars. Jeb Bush charges in. Trump retaliates, “He has low energy. Why doesn’t he use his last name?” Cruz beats him in Iowa, but Trump attributes this victory to Cruz’s committing fouls. The rematch occurs in New Hampshire. Down goes Cruz. Down goes Cruz. Even as deft a sportsman as President Obama, in a criticism of Trump made during a press conference, led with his chin, inviting a counterpunch from Trump. He wasn’t floored by Trump’s response. Maybe wobbled? Marco Rubio became the next contender to challenge Trump during the debate held before Super Tuesday. If it were a fight Rubio would have been knocked out in thirty seconds of the first round. Of course, he is assisted in his victories by Media referees. The head of CBS said that Trump might be bad for democracy but he’s making us money. Joe Scarborough is so much in the tank that critics are beginning to call the show “Morning Trump.” One of the regulars, Mark Halperin of Bloomberg, says that Trump is “charming” and a better politician than both Clinton and Obama, whom he called “a dick.” This despite warning from Abraham Foxman, former head of the Anti- Defamation League, who said that the Trump rallies reminded him of those held by the Nazis. Washington Post’s Dana Milbank said that because of his criticisms of the front runner that he is receiving vicious anti-Semitic hate mail…. Julia Loffe whose parents left Russia because of anti-Semitism, says that she received death threats accompanied by anti-Semitic rants by those whom Trump and his media supporters have unleashed. One of them photo-shopped her photo with the Star of David. Yet the media owners have sent a memo to their underlings that racism not be used as motivating the Trump followers. On Morning Joe, and his panel of dinner- party white nationalists, the reason given for Trompetistas  supporting Trump have nothing to do with his followers’ anti- Semitism, racism, anti-immigration and Muslim feelings. Chinese American author …
         They’re upset by Trade deficits, the Republican establishment, Tom Friedman, sprinkling perfume on their crap excused their hatred and boorishness. He said, “He’s made a gut connection with his followers that we haven’t fully plumbed.” Haven’t fully plumbed? His newspaper, after a study of Trump’s followers, concluded that they are upset about blacks being “takers,” this from a group that is mostly white male, the most subsidized group in American history. He said this on a show hosted by Chuck Todd, another media person who didn’t get Abraham Foxman’s memo. Of course, the black pundits whom Comcast, NBC’s owners, find acceptable, are just as bad. The CNN ones too. They’re part of the cover-up. Eugene Robinson, the kind of black pundit who appeals to the panelists on Morning Joe, who give three hours of free ads to Trump every morning, says that Trump’s followers are upset about trade deficits. David Duke said that Trump is to the right of him. Standing behind Trump when he won in New York was Carl Paladino. This is the joker who sent out emails depicting the President as a pimp and the first lady as a whore. Trump is the guy who hangs out with mobsters and encourages his followers to beat up demonstrators. Blacks get called “Niggers” at Trump rallies. And all the pundits who are employed by the six families who are making money from Trump have to say is that Trump’s followers are upset about trade deficits? My ass. My favorite excuse for the rabble was made by Steve Schmidt. He said that Trump’s followers are upset with American institutions including sports. The media pundits who are warned by their employers to go easy on Trump because he might not return to their networks and say crazy entertaining things like accusing Ted Cruz’s Dad of shooting JFK (but maybe this is payback for the old guy calling Obama a communist).Trump’s gotten into these cowardly pundits’ heads like Tyson use to get into his opponents’ heads so that they were defeated even before they entered the ring. Trump’s final combatants were Ted Cruz and Gov. Kasich. Putting them up against Trump was like putting up Floyd Patterson against Sonny Liston. The real suckers are members of the white working class. They believe that Trump is on their side. Timothy Egan wrote:
         ‘He ‘loves the undereducated.’ He’s a working-

         class hero to the angry white masses who flock to
        his rallies. Of all the parts Trump has been
         playing, this one is the phoniest.

         With Trump, you can be sure of one thing: He will
         betray those people. We know this because he
         already has. Wage stagnation is the most glaring

         symptom of a declining middle class. Trump’s
         solution? He believes that ‘wages are too high.’”
         But of course, the white working class has shown time and again that they will go to any lengths to make life comfortable for the rich as long as they continue their Feudalistic protection racket, promising to protect them from infidels, blacks, Muslims, witches, and Mexican Americans, who occupied North America hundreds of years before Trump and his followers’ ancestors came here. (In New York, he received votes from college graduates and the kind of women who just won’t give up the pedestal and apparently have no compassion for the hundred thousand or women who have engaged in dangerous self-abortion practices as a result of abortion clinics closing.) Members of the white working class gave their lives in the War to Preserve White Supremacy. They did all of the heavy lifting while the planters’ sons and daughters partied in Richmond. My students had never heard of a black white labor alliance that occurred in the South in the 1880s. One strike brought the city of New Orleans to standstill. The oligarch’s response to initiate Jim Crow laws to keep blacks and white separate. As usual, the media of the time worked as Renfield to the then one-percent. They spread false rumors that blacks were attacking whites.

         Using the tactics and metaphors of boxing, Trump has become the nominee for the public party. He even used Muhammad Ali’s tactics of giving nicknames and posing as a narcissist. Though one gets the impression that Trump is serious, while Ali did it to sweeten the gate. The some members of the party are repelled by Trump, he merely says what they say in private. His policies are theirs. When interviewed, Paul Ryan said that the major issue of the party was “moving people from welfare to work” while ignoring the criminal activity of the profit maximizers, who own him. Like his shero Ayn Rand, his family has accepted “entitlements.”

         And so how is the bully going to be defeated? I voted for Bernie Sanders in the California primary, because he and his followers have posed the biggest threat to excessive capitalism since the 1930s, which is why the 6 families who own the media support Trump. Not only do are they’re bringing in money by giving 2 billion dollars in giving him free publicity. The Bernie Sanders movement which makes socialism sound plausible is the biggest threat to them since the 1930s when socialism was a viable alternative. Dinner Party white nationalists like Scarborough and his side kick Jon Meacham, who called Andrew Jackson a Rock star, don’t have to go back to Shay’s Rebellion to find a populist uprising. They’re ignorant of the challenge and resistance by the grassroots labor movement of the last hundred years or so. Sometimes the forces of management and labor fought against each other in the streets.  The one percent always calls on someone who poses as a strongman to whip back their opponents. But if Sanders can’t make it, I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton. White progressives can afford to stay home because they won’t bear the brunt of a Trump administration's policies as much as blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Immigrants and even Chinese Americans, and since most Americans can’t tell them apartment, all Asian Americans.   Says that Trump’s rants against China might raise hate crimes against Asian Americans. Moreover, Trump won’t be defeated by someone using the tactics of boxing, but by someone who uses the tactics of Ju Jitsu.

              Ishmael Reed