Konch Magazine - Together by Valerie Deus

Together by Anonymous

you want us together 
across the Williamsburg bridge
it keeps us close and away from grime
when we talk 
and we do when crossing Canal
looking for cure root 
applied twice a week to the affected areas
by the upper east shoulder 
downtown passed Duane street by the shins
uncover the entrance 
once there we work
and believe that today is different 
because we shaved and showered
because your lover watched movies and
absent mindedly left this incorrect image 
in my head as a souvenir
in other news 
there’s no change at the corner of 70th and Madison 
little in pleated skirts complain about the limitations of rainbows
I wonder out loud why you aren't here in 18 days 
and why tonight is like the night I was at JFK for hours 
because I knew I wouldn’t be home 
until the alert changed from orange to go
here with the women white 
on Monday the 15th 
are built close to the ground
with their gams and gems
and the stories I try to hug and hold 
every which way with frustration
I wasn’t told who to scream at or what  
I listened for clues and the histories of 
Flatbush and ocean avenue
my insides go upside 
and i react like a phone 
then didn't know
i get  hold of my arms & 
can see i didn't offend 
or spill sorry all over your party like a 
house guest who wasn’t invited and lingered too long