Konch Magazine - “Tianjin” by Xiaosheng Li (Recola)
Xiaosheng Li (Recola)
I do remember the time
When the aroma of begonia overflowing the streets
We would ride bicycles on the uneven dirt road
To the river banks and to enjoy the sweet spring breeze
Then, in summer, we would sat in the shade of giant trees
Listened to the noise that was made by cicadas
While thinking they shout because they were jealous of our juicy melon
Autumn will arrive after some windy days
Time to collect fruit from the fruity trees
The ones I picked myself always somehow taste better
The Apples were sweet, and the oranges were sour
And last, after a whole year of waiting
I could roll in the snowfield, and snow fight with my friends
Until my mom shouted at me because the all wet clothes
I do not remember the point
When all roads became even and hard
And two wheels were replaced by four wheels
Seasons started to blur
We stay with the air conditioning during summer
Then accompany with the heater in the winter
Cicadas disappeared from the concrete jungle
And snow turns grey while falling to the ground
Apples and oranges taste alike after picked from the shelf
So, even though I can eat melons all year long,
Something has lost
Lost in the fast developing process
Lost in this modern city