Konch Magazine - The Year of the Rooster

Year of the Rooster

By Adryen J. Gonzalez



Bwak bwk bwk Bwaak Bwk

Bwk bwk bwk

(bwaks of wonder, confusion, gossip)



Cluck and step

Cluck and peck

Cluck and Cluck

Cluck and step



What makes the Chicken synonymous with cowardice?

Its colorful feathers?

Its sharp talons?

Its razor beak?

Its muscular wing?

Its need to attack?

Its ruthless way of fighting?



Perhaps humans should be synonymous with cowardice

To proud and in denial

Of the fact that people love to cluck

To parade ourselves

To prey on weaker things

To make messes

To flee from obstacles

To run from responsibility of any kind


With no fur, claws or fangs humanity hides its insecurity with cruelty


Calls the Chicken a coward



Be wary the Hen and the Rooster

Their feathers are wardress

Their beaks were made to gauge out eyes

Their talons made to slice through flesh

Their wings not to fly but to beat


I was born a Rooster

I was born

To hunt

To peck

To crow

To peer into and out of things

To draw blood

To prosper


Everyday I wake up a Chicken


My colored feathers

My beak

My talons

My wings