Konch Magazine - “The Vanity of a Kiwi” by Melissa Evans
The Vanity of a Kiwi
By Melissa Evans

I have pokey fuzz as a hedgehog does,
It is quite nice because when everyone judges a book by it’s cover, no one even picks me up.
I’m safe, i’m just the little brown oval.
No wax to make my sandpaper skin shine
No way to see the tender lime green wonder my guts are dotted with their black freckles.
I’m so sneaky.  little. brown. oval.
Uh oh, here comes an adventurer in fruit who knows the truth   I feel a gentle squeeze, I am helpless. 
The kidnapper put me in a dark transportable vessel, to keep her hideout secret of course, lest my brethren should come to avenge me. 
I know what happens next.
She will likely peel off my skin, chunk by chunk,  cut my body into pieces, and then sink her teeth into me. I will bleed and she will delight in the taste. 
But before she bites, she will admire my delicate black freckles circling my green guts.