Konch Magazine - The Heart Seed Berry

the heart seed berry
back when everything was how it was supposed to be
we weren't as sweet and our size was much less
but the phalange man had an idea that would fix that
he engineered a way
a way to make whats perfect more perfect
a way to improve upon nature
Now were big and plump, and red as red can be 
i feel clownish kind of.
I've heard myths of a time when we only grew in june
now its all year round
imagine our exhaustion
my cousin rose is the pretty one
she gets all the attention 
they call her the flower of love and passion blah blah blah
but i don't mind, I'm proud of her 
she's made quite the name for herself
I've never been the one for flashing lights anyway
all i need is my 6 hours of sun and I'm good