Konch Magazine - Springtide by Hovhannes Shiraz. Translated from Armenian by Jack Aslanian
Hovhannes Shiraz (psn)

Title and translation from Armenian
Jack Aslanian
My feet violet shod, arms full of lilies,
My cheeks rose-festooned and chest full of spring,
My eyes sun drenched, sky fills my soul,
And with fountains on my tongue to town I bound from hills,
To joyfully hop about, and on pavements scatter:
Violets ‘n’ roses ‘n’ crisp white lilies...
And dopey-eyed folks when they spy me
See a world anew —
Perfumed spring unfolded.
And "What freshness," they all chime.
"What freshness," and open
Doors 'n' windows upon me.
And I, with my heart ajar, sing and skip
On pavements tossing violets, and roses
'N' soft-scented jasmines.
As if nature entirely has been reborn juvenile —
Down from hills, ‘pon all lands,
Pelting poppies by bunches,
And voicing an emerald tale:
Lo, daybreak ‘pon our mounts;
O! Alpine spring;
Lo, the dawn of our songs.
Translation copyright: Ó Jack Aslanian, 2015