Konch Magazine - "Punica Granatum" by Marie Sabillo

Punica Granatum

My other name tastes of the Seeded apple
rolled on the tongues of ancient mariners

From the fertile western banks of Jerico
one of my 613 seed suck the nourishment
from the Garden of Eden
bearing the forbidden fruit
My twisted bark travel
trunks weaving through the silken road
Crowning queens of Ishtar

blooming in the summer of your desert

Where my tough reddish skin
Is etched in the sands
Book of Exodus
bearing the ‘fruit of the dead’

I am the sweet deep purple sound
Harkening the 6 Scattered seeds
of Persephone’s winter

borrowed gelatinous flesh
carved from the tablets of Babylon
my abundance line the tomb of Queen Hatshepsut
aftertaste savoring
this color washed with the blood of Adonis
cupped in the hands of
your dark red wine.

April 2014