Konch Magazine - “Parking Tickets” by Chase Kumasaka
Chase Kumasaka
Ishmael Reed
Poetry among the arts
Parking tickets
The Gates that stays Golden from the people’s pockets
This city is hungry for any cent you wouldn’t want to give
With fog so thick you lose sight of your savings
I taste fog, smog and the raising of rent
Bart trains tunnel through the cities like an infectious worm
People packed tight like a box of double stuffed Oreos
Hoping your neighbor has brushed their teeth
The scent of stubbed cigarettes and coffee dance about your nose
People scurrying out of the station like rats to the streets
The hissing of busses and their overworked gasses serenade the cement
Hammers clanging and machines buzzing while they rush to build more
Along to the marching of dirty shoes it is the anthem of pollution