Konch Magazine - Notes by Theo Konrad Auer


by theo auer



Grandmother wearing an Iron Maiden tee shirt in the gym at seven am


I think the guy who wrote the following copy was being ironic:


"smart water/phone/weapons"


Mother wearing lululemon on the spin machine at eleven am


I have trouble listening to Al Green's "Let's Stay Together"

-especially when it comes on the radio

-I find it almost nearly unimaginably sad,

I see hot grits flying everywhere and

it is all over unless I

hear it at a wedding or

the President and The First Lady are dancing to it


Father benching something a lil' over his body-weight trying

to stay young, wearing a faded Boston Marathon tee shirt


I am telling an old friend about the time we were both in college and

we saw Joe Strummer play at The Fillmore

and reminding him that he gave me the setlist at the end of the show:


"how could I forget?"




The show was liberally filled with songs culled from The Clash's back catalog.


"you still have it?"


"nope. wish i did."


Setlists trump tee shirts, even faded ones.