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Mali: Quislings and African Unity

Thank you for your time.


Iman Ukdah  hello:

Thanks for your intervention in this exchange.

Let us get to the core issue of this exchange:

        Muslim Quislings and Afrikan Unity

Unity is precious, but we must make sure we unite only with those who will not use our Afrikan

unity to infiltrate our community and harm us. As Du Bois pointed out in 1924, in certain

circumstances, to talk unity is nonsense:

        “If one group is walking North and the other group walking South then unity would mean
        an abdication of its position by one group."—Du Bois in 1924, Tony Martin, Race First,
        p. 306

And as Cabral pointed out:

        “we must realize that union does not always make for strength, there are certain kinds of
        union which make for weakness”

Here is an example of that. If you take a strong beam of wood and wrap it up in a bag together

with termites, the termites will eat holes in the wood and make it weak.

        The fundamental issue in this exchange is what to do about, and how to protect our

Afrikan community from, Black Africans with divided loyalties; from those Black Africans (at

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home and abroad)     who are basically loyal to our enemies (European or Arab) rather than to our

group and who exploit talk of African unity to worm their way into our midst to do quisling work

for their masters and damage us.

 Let’s try and make this really simple.

Let’s suppose you have in your family a member Q who has a friend S outside the family. And

when Q’s friend S attacks C, another member of your family, Q supports his friend S.          When S

seizes the property of D, another member of your family, Q supports his friend S. Is Q a good

member of the family? Is Q showing family loyalty or solidarity? Why is he siding with an

obvious enemy of the family? Why would you want to unite with Q?

        The basic unity of a family is manifested in their upholding the principle of family first.

When an outsider attacks a member of a healthy family, no matter their internal differences and

wrangling, the family members will close ranks against the outsider. But with a dysfunctional

family, it doesn’t happen that way. Some members will find excuses to stay neutral, some will go

as far as defending the outside attacker or even join him in attacking their own sibling. Now Q is

the type of member that a sane family would unite against or even expel.

        What we have in this exchange is evidence of the dysfunctional condition of the Black

race. As in other races, there is religious diversity in the Black Race. Some blacks are Christians,

some are Muslims, some are African polytheists and follow the rites of Ogun or Shango or

Vodun etc.; but, unlike other races, we don’t practice Race First but Religion First, and therefore

cleave more to our White co-religionists than to our fellow blacks.

        If we believed in and practiced Black Race First, these religious differences within our

race won’t matter and won’t divide us so much. We would bury them and jointly respond to

attacks on any one of us by any religious group. But we don’t. Unfortunately, this is what we’ve

been reduced to by centuries of slavery and colonialism—to hankering after the company,

approval, religion, ideology, etc. of our enemies. And to being ready to serve them even as they

try to destroy us.

        The situation here is that some Black Muslims like Ansari (and certainly not most Black

Muslims) see themselves as Muslims first, even as Arabs first, not as Black Africans first. Recall

that that’s how Ansari introduced himself in his first intervention. [“As a Muslim

internationalAttorney and Political Scientist . . .”] Given that self-identification, it is not

surprising that when his Arab-Muslim masters attack Black Africans in Sudan, he sides with the

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Arab-Muslims instead of the Black African victims.              That’s proof that he doesn’t practice Race

First. If he did, he would defend his fellow Black Africans from his Arab-Muslim co-religionists.

And when his fellow Black Muslim Quislings in Mali destroy Black Africa’s monuments in

Timbuktu, he tries to restrain Runoko’s outrage and to block our mobilizing our counter attack

by telling us to leave it to the Arab OIC to handle the matter. That’s like a “brother” who

restrains you from going to another brother’s help by telling you to leave it to the attacker’s

master to stop the attack.     Some brother!

         Mustafa Ansari pretends he practices religious tolerance. He says “I like you am very

tolerant “.  However, as a fanatical Muslim Firster, Mustafa Ansari sneers at Vodun and other

African religions. In an outburst on 01 August 2011 during an exchange on Libya, he wrote: “Of

course, Arabs and Muslims have their problems, with these Africans, [and their Voodoo],”. .

.Meaning that he, as a Muslim Firster, does have problems with African religions. He has

absolutely no respect for African religion. If that is religious tolerance, what is intolerance?

         As I said in my first intervention, We know his type: blacks whose Arab religion has

turned them into mental slaves to the Arabs, has turned them into Quislings/Fifth columnists,

enemy agents within our ranks. As one of their type, Najib Bilal from Nigeria, illuminatingly

said in 2007:

                  “I am a Muslim and I worship Allah and I follow the way of the Prophet
                  Muhammad (peace be upon him). I have no relationship with you, except that
                  your skin is black. The lightest Arab is closer to me than you. If there were to be
                  war between Muslims of any shade of colour and the darkest of black people, I
                  will be on the side of Muslims.” – Najib (from Nigeria)

                  There you have their confession of loyalty: and it is not to the black race. That’s

                  what’s fundamentally wrong with Mustafa Ansari.

Note that Najib Bilal honestly declared his disloyalty for all to see. Najib was honest enough to

declare that he is not with the Blacks, despite his own black skin, and explained why. But this

Ansari fellow is a dissembler and is using his black skin as a passport to infiltrate our Afrikan

community to spread the poisonous propaganda of our Arab enemy.


It is a shame that we have to spend time discussing this issue. Other races are so basically sound

of mind that they don’t have to deal with this issue. They don’t have such divided loyalties; For

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Europeans it’s Europe First; for the Chinese, it’s China First, for Arabs it’s Arabia First. But with

black Africans, no. It’s their outside friends and masters first!—Religion First, Ideology First,

not Race First.

As Chancellor Williams taught us:

        Caucasians will wage frightful wars against other Caucasians, but will quickly unite, as
        though by instinct, against non-whites, not only in wars but in international policies. They
        have developed a kind of built-in solidarity in their relations with non-Caucasian peoples.
        This fact, as much as anything else, helps to explain their position as masters of the
        --Chancellor Williams,   The Destruction of Black Civilization, p. 298

In  other words, Caucasians believe in and practice Race First. If we Blacks want to be masters

of our world, we need to develop that kind and degree of automatic Black race solidarity. We

need to believe and practice Race First. But until it is developed, we have to keep a wary eye out

for the numerous Toms and Quislings lurking among us.

        You find Ansari pretending that Timbuktu is Muslim rather than Black African. For his

information, Ghana, Mali, Songhay were each built by Black Africans before they were

converted to Islam.

        Also for his information, the Persian Muslims are still proudly Persian. Next time you see

a Persian Muslim, try telling him that he is Arab and see his reaction! The Malay Muslims are

still proudly Malay; the Indian Muslims are still proudly Indian. It is only the black African

Muslim who is afflicted with a terrible racial inferiority complex, who happily rejects his African

identity and presents himself as a “Muslim Attorney or Political scientist.” When he injects

himself into an Afrikan discussion on an Afrikan forum, what is his locus standi”?      What is he,

as a self-defined “Muslim Attorney or Political scientist”, looking for there other than to inject

Arabist disinformation and confuse the Afrikans? He should confine himself to Muslim

discussion fora. It is our duty, I submit, to ‘out’ such quislings and chase them off.

        Afrikan Unity has to be based on belief in and practice of Afrikan Race/Black Race First.

Would you want to unite with the enemy agent within? The so-called black brother who, while

embracing you, will stab you on behalf of his white master?

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         By the way, Quislings like Ansari are not new among us.              Garvey had to deal with their

kind a century ago: with the Black Communists, Black Socialists, Black Liberals etc. As

Padmore reported, Negro Communists who tried to infiltrate and hijack members from the UNIA

were denounced as 'Red Uncle Toms' and 'traitors’. We should do the same with the likes of

Ansari.   And today we have other Quislings like Zimbabwe born Dr John Sentamu, the

Archbishop of York, who enthusiastically sided with the British when they were destabilizing his

home country Zimbabwe a few years ago. He is a black Christian Quisling. Just like Ansari is a

black Muslim Quisling.

         `The bottom line is this:

If you are black and you don’t believe in or practice Black Race First, then those blacks who

do so have no basis for uniting with you.

The only sane basis for African unity is the principle of African Race first. Those who violate

it are enemies and should be treated, at the very least, as pariahs and ostracized.

I hope this explanation will benefit those Blacks who have so far not been alert to the problem of

the Quislings among us.



Brother Ukdahi,

It is not religion, it is political and personal immaturity that impedes our ability to unite. Europe,

the United States, and Asia have varying religions, however they are mature enough to make

peace for the good of their people. Here, we have two politically immature so-called scholars

who due to their personal bias cant' seem to realize that you cannot cut out the Muslims from the

African political dynamic. It is like cutting out your heart and brain. Most of West Africa, and

North Africa and much of central Africa is Muslim. That is just a fact. So how can you hope to

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unite Africa by disregarding facts?? How can you be a Pan-Africanist when you hate most of


 I too have a family that is made up of different religions, One would think it insane if I cut out

my sister who is Hebrew Israelite, our my mother, sister and brothers who were Christian from

our family. What kind of family would that be? So it is with the logic of Cheweizu and Rashidi. I

like you am very tolerant and usually refrain from bringing up politics and religion in the same

dialogue, but I just had to address the inconsistency of Chenweizu and Rashidi's postions.. Did

you notice that it was I who suggested Peace. In any case, the fate of Africa will not be left up to

this type of immuturity. In order to be credible one has to be able to articulate and practice Pan-

Africanism. If they were really Pan-Africanist instead of ego-tist and dogmatic they would

address the issues of peace and reconciliation rather than politically immature avoidance


I remain ready, willing, and able to debate the issues for the sake of African  unity without

rancor. The question is " Can we unite despite our religious and tribal differences?"


On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 8:14 AM, <ukdahi@aol.com> wrote:

You know brothers, if I may comment, this exchange is the perfect

example of how religions destroy families. I live it with my own family.

One Muslim, One Christian, another Pan African, another Jehovah's

witness. Tensions so thick, disagreements so hostile           you could start

world wars. A shell of a loving family. Ancestor Dudley Thompson also

pointed out this same dilemma when teaching us why AFRICA has yet

to unite.  Pay attention, brothers, pay attention. Asante. Shukrun. Thank you.

Sis. Iman Uqdah Hameen, citizen of a united, peaceful "Afrikan" homeland

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I know my brother.     I stopped paying attention to him a long time ago.        But it is always good to

hear from you and trust that you are well!      Please stay in touch my esteemed Elder!


  Runoko my man hi,        Please carry on. Ignore this traitor to the black race who goes by the Arab

names Mustafa Ansari. If he is indeed an African American, his Arab names are enough to

expose what he really is—He is one of those niggers who were looking for Africa and got lost

and found themselves in Arabia.       Of course, the intelligent ones, like Malcolm X Omowale, saw

the difference and quickly made their way back to Africa and embraced Africa.              The dumb ones

couldn’t tell the difference between Africa and Arabia, and adopted Arab identity and sold their

souls to the Arabs, and have set up in business as brainwashed propaganda agents of Arab

imperialism. This Dr Mustafa Ansari clearly is one of them dumb niggers.               We are being

attacked and you cry out, and he tells you to shut up.  Lest you arouse our people to resist his

Arab masters? To mind your language. Bull shit! What rascality! No man! We need, BY ANY

LANGUAGE NECESSARY, to rouse our confused people to an immediate and

uncompromising resistance to these psychopathic barbarians with their incurable cultural

intolerance. Like the poet said “don’t shout, scream!” We know whose side he’s on. We know

his type: blacks whose Arab religion has turned them into mental slaves to the Arabs, has turned

them into Quislings/fifth columnists, enemy agents within our ranks. As one of their type, Najib

Bilal from Nigeria, illuminatingly said in 2007:

         “I am a Muslim and I worship Allah and I follow the way of the Prophet Muhammad
         (peace be upon him). I have no relationship with you, except that your skin is black. The
         lightest Arab is closer to me than you. If there were to be war between Muslims of any

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         shade of colour and the darkest of black people, I will be on the side of Muslims.” –
         Najib (from Nigeria)

         There you have their confession of loyalty: and it is not to the black race. That’s what’s

fundamentally wrong with Mustafa Ansari. Note that he says he is a “Muslim attorney and

political scientist,” not an Afrikan attorney and political scientist. He is basically a Muslim who

happens to be black and who has imbibed the Arab hostility to blacks. Nobody should be fooled

by his pretence of concern for “our ancestors heritage” in Timbuktu. His ancestors, by adoption,

are the Arabs, and Timbuktu is African, not Arab, land. Nobody should be fooled by his advice

to leave matters to his OIC masters’.

          We are at war: these barbarian aggressors have unleashed war on us. This man, Mustafa

Ansari, is just a traitor to the black race. If we were better organized we would deal with blacks

like him as all traitors are dealt with in wartime. But the least we can do is ostracize them, to stop

regarding them as part of our community and stop allowing them to spew their traitors’ poison

onto Afrikan websites and fora.



  Brother Runoko, My Muslim Family and African American Family,

I know you have the good intention of saving our ancestors heritage. Many of our African

American family have yet to realize how many of us came from this part of Muslim Africa. Now

that I think of it, the last time I talked with you was some years ago when I was employed to save

the ancient manuscripts of Mali, Timbuktu. However, Brother Runoke your choice of language

leaves much to be desired. When you use the term "terrorism", and quote a right wing French

[Western] source that says that the Ansar-Dine are Al-Quaeda backed you are inviting a

"Western invasion" like what occurred in Libya. The west does not know who is Al-quaeda

based or who is Al-quaeda. This is just a code word of the west for invasion. The last thing that

this area needs is for the West to pretend that it is protecting these treasures when all they

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[France and the west] are after is oil.http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-11-08/mali-oil-



The Libyan invasion was not to protect the Libyans. The west could care less about the Libyans.

The invasion was to exploit the Libyan oilfields.


I understand that you are a historian, and a very good one at that. However, your analysis suffers

because you do not understand political rhetoric AKA misinformation and disinformation. As a

Muslim international Attorney and Political Scientist I want you to know that we are concerned

about the Civil War between the two Muslim groups but not to the extent of inviting in the west

to take care of those as you say "fanatical Muslims". The language of the west that you have

"adopted" is very troubling and unhelpful. To give you an example of how important language is

let me give you the opinion of 57 Muslim States who put out this press release 5 months ago.OIC

deplores attacks on historical sites in Timbuktu, Mali

Date: 02/07/2012 - View in: Arabic | French - Print
The spokesperson of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in a statement today,

deplored the destruction of historical sites in Timbuktu, Mali by religious extremist groups. The

spokesperson said that the sites were part of the rich Islamic heritage of Mali and should not be

allowed to be destroyed and put in harms way by bigoted extremist elements. The spokesperson

expressed the OIC’s satisfaction at the actions taken by the Government of the Republic of Mali

against the perpetrators. He added that the OIC calls for taking necessary measures and

appropriate steps for the protection and preservation of the historical sites.

In other words, our own Muslims can take care of this business, without any interference, bombs,

etc. from the West. It may take awhile, but the outcome will be better than what has occurred in

Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. You know Runoko the "Devil is in the details"..and this is a prime


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Who among us is paying attention to these ignorant and fanatical Muslims and the destruction

that they are causing in Africa--in the name of Islam.     We cannot dig our heads in the sand like

the proverbial ostrich in the hopes that something good will happen when we sit and do nothing!




The world's patrimony in Timubktu is being destroyed by Islamic fanatics. Shall the Black

World remain silent? Youth in Gao have been resisting--fighting back with their bare hands--

against invaders armed to the teeth.

Do we care?
Sister Joyce

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