Konch Magazine - Lone(ly) Wolf

Douglas Cano





Lone(ly) Wolf


I see families of wolves in the woods in winter.

Not a whole lot keep them apart,

Except for the occasion complaint about

Enough food or even

Going about their own way to find a mate.

Some stay close to family,

Some travel far away to settle down.


They remind me of us

As we go through our lives

Wondering what we are doing with ourselves.

We get used to being so close to our pack,

Being groomed, feed, coddled.

We then reach an age where

All we want to do is leave,

Find our own way.

Once we do, what then?


We travel under the moon's pitied gaze

Into an uncertain forest or

A wide tundra of white ambivalence

And suddenly we feel small.

Alone, we navigate through the world

Hoping to figure out answers

To questions we haven't been asked yet.


It is an uneasy life.

Not many of us succeed.

We are all just lonely wolves

Seeking our way.

Sometimes, I look up

And gaze at the moon.

I cry along with her

On nights we wish we knew more.