Konch Magazine - Is Eve Ensler Full of It? Name Withheld

I did Women's Studies, where I learned that every campus or group that performs the Vagina Monologues must obey the dictates of Mrs. Ensler's qualifications - there are very strict qualifications as to what modifications to the monologues can be made, and how much original content can be produced by students.  So if the students want to be creative and do their own monologues based on their own experiences, they are often prohibited by Ensler's legal apparatus.

One last thing: Mrs. Ensler forces her monologue students to repeat the propaganda claim that Serbians raped "tens of thousands" of Bosnian women during the Bosnian War, an unsubstantiated claim first reported by journalists (eg, Roy Gutman) during the war without a forensic investigation to back it.  Official investigations have now radically reduced the death toll in the Bosnian war from 1 million to about 100,000 on all sides, but no similar revisions have been made to the "rape camps/mass rape" numbers.  The Wiki article at present quotes a UN report as evidence but that report was an early draft in a series of ongoing drafts and the final draft states there is no evidence for mass rape or a systematic rape policy for any side.  You can look long and hard, but you'll never find an actual forensic report detailing thousands of rapes.

This is of course pertinent because: 1) Ensler and supporters claim the "mass rapes" are evidence for male aggression, but also 2) the US/West broke up Yugoslavia into little neoliberal republics incepted to the IMF, and if you do a Reuters search, you'll find much of the search results are about foreign countries buying and selling their previously state-owned industries.
Ironically, the sex trafficking of women has gone *up* in Bosnia since the conquest of Yugoslavia.  I.e., thanks Ensler & co. for creating propaganda that demonized the Serbs and facilitated the colonial conquest of the former Yugoslavia, and their women - all in the name of liberating women.