Konch Magazine - I Got the Blues or Do I? by June Blassingame

I got the blues or do I?

paralyzed eyes define whats going through the forest

with a step of breathe I clench my gut I cant help but ignore it

with my own hand I take my other in holding

and that feels different

and when the sound of my voice drifts and restlessly fills my ears

that feels different

and when I sit and reflect upon my image as an independent

that too feels different

different from what your eyes show you

and I know the world

it revolves, I thought it would without me

and I can be scared but its tough love

I know you can feel it in the air, the way the earth moves

Its all different than most people think,

But I believe deep down in the part of there soul that collects dust,

Is Remission

Until that day, when the layer of dust is no longer

Then no longer will I have the blues