Konch Magazine - FRAUD AND LIES FROM THE JUMP START by Sam Hamod



PROFESSOR SAM HAMOD, PH.D  expert in Middle East and Islamic matters, former Director of The Islamic Center: Washington, DC; USA



ISIS was a fraudulent group from the beginning; it is headed by a man, or men, who are not of the area, whose Arabic accents are not local or regional, and Baghdadi, their alleged leader’s claim of lineage of being from the family of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because he is not Shi’a (which one must be to be of the family of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)are all falsehoods, and clear to those of us who know the area, the people and the accents. Pictures of Baghdadi being feted by women and Israelis in a Tel Aviv nightclub make clear his support from Israel.  In addition, there are reports that arms are coming to ISIS from NATO through Turkey, and of course, the arms are from America.


This “Baghdadi” person, some say is an Israeli posing as an Arab, others say he is a renegade Arab who has been hired by Israeli, NATO and has help from Turkey and Saudi Arabia, others admit to not knowing who he is, or where he came from—but all agree there is something fishy about this group that has no legitimacy to declare an Islamic State or that they are actually Muslims and that they came with  advanced weapons, stashes of money and the backing of NATO, Saudi, Israel and the good old USA.  That this group should so suddenly appear, fully armed, with major wealth support, advanced weapons and tactics make it clear that this is not a home grown organically developed force, but is instead, a group sent into a chaotic situation to sow more chaos and destruction.   Oddly enough, they seem to have friends in high places in the American senate, Mc Cain and others, in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel; this also smells of a rat in the woodpile.


This group is acting as a destroyer group; attacking Shi’a, Sunni, Orthodox, Catholic, Jews and all governing bodies in Iraq and on the Syrian area as well.  This also indicates they are from an outside source sowing chaos in all directions.  That they also pose as a legitimate caliphate is heresy, blasphemy and worse in Islam.   No one is allowed to just state that they are a caliphate, an Islamic state, or that he, in this case, the pretender, “Baghdadi”, has the authority or moral or educational position to declare himself “caliph” and descendent of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  It is clear to all of us experts in the Middle East that this destroyer group is another form of Blackwater or Mossad force, sent in to kill and to create enmity among all groups, each assuming that it was the other who wrecked churches, mosques, temples, holy sites, etc.  In fact, we know this group to be nothing but an outside force with evil intentions.


One of the paradoxes of this situation is that they also have octopus arms extending into Syria, they are trying to get a foothold in Lebanon, and at first they were supported by the USA.  But now that Obama has realized they are an evil force that is out for power and destruction of any stability in Iraq or the Middle East, Obama has had the good sense to attack the ISIS group rather than aiding them.   This now puts him at odds with such ignorant Republican leaders, glory hounds, such as McCain  ( the pseudo-war hero; most who were in prison with McCain say he was treated like a prince because his father was an admiral, and that he did not suffer the normal pangs of fear with other prisoners), Israel and Saudi Arabia.


President Obama is doing the right thing by bombing ISIS forces, and he should continue attacking them and make clear to those supporting ISIS that America will not tolerate any state or individual supporting them, and that those who support ISIS will be an enemy of America and peace. 


Make no mistake about it, by destroying Saddam Hussein, needlessly killing Mu’ummar Qaddafi, men who kept stability in their countries, we have unleashed a whirlwind of chaos; and supporting those who wish to overthrow Assad in Syria, we are creating more problems, that can never be repaired; Humpty Dumpty would be the best analogy, and it is time the West and America realized this.  Thus, it may be that Obama has awakened to the realization that American behavior in the Middle East has created

disaster after disaster and our role and our leadership must make a major shift away from the Israeli, Saudi and Turkish games for dominance in the area.


Because there is so little stability in the region at this time, anyone can claim anything, and ISIS is but the first of these fraudulent groups who will claim what they want, abuse Islam, create hatred among various religious and ethnic groups all over the Middle East, and eventually sow a chaos unending because they will be supported by fanatics of all sorts, individuals and states, because the region is awash in arms, money and demons available for hire at the right price with men ranging from Mossad to former Mossad members, to Blackwater, to EU citizens looking for money and work, and American Seals, Green Berets and others looking for a new, high paying game in the exotic Middle East.


No, these are not members of an Islamic State; Baghdadi is not an Iraqi or even an Arab from the region because his accent and dialect are not from the area, and he is not of the family of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because he is not Shi’a nor known to any Shi’a in the area or the region, and the photos of Baghdadi being feted by Israelis at a Tel Aviv nightclub with women make clear that he is not truly a devout Muslim, but is instead a pretender of the worst sort and his group is as illegitimate as he is.


(c) sam hamod, 9.9.14



The End