Konch Magazine - Editorial: Toobin's O.J.
Toobin’s O.J.

Here's the letter that I wrote to the Times about their lavish treatment of Fox's O.J. stunt $$$. Toobin (pic. Below) believes that blacks are inferior intellectually to whites, and that's why they voted for acquittal. He says in his book that Blacks believe in conspiracy theories and shouldn't be "patted on the head. “The problem with this is that the jury wasn't all black, a media falsehood. Interviewed recently, a Hispanic juror said that he voted for acquittal because the police planted evidence. Does Toobin believe that Hispanics are inferior intellectually to whites? Moreover, three of the foremost Forensic scientists Michael Baden, Henry Lee and Cyril Wecht have questions about the evidence. Does Toobin believe that these scientists come to their conclusions on the basis of racial solidarity with blacks? The Times didn't print my letter but printed an uninformed opinion by John McWhorter, who is the front man for the think tank that gave us Stop and Frisk, Broken Windows and other policies that have led to the incarceration and humiliation of thousands of Blacks and Hispanics. The title of the piece was Bloody Gloves. David Margolick, their reporter, was the one who spread the lie that the gloves fit "snugly." He didn't witness the demonstration. Incidentally, Fox, which is running Toobin's O.J., is headed by Rupert Murdoch whose newspaper, The New York Post portrayed Prez. Obama as a monkey. Finally, I studied the case for over ten years and used it as a backdrop for my novel Juice! which will be discussed on the upcoming O.J. documentary on ESPN sched. to run in June.
Jan.18, 2016
Dear Times,
As viewers prepare for at least two forthcoming entertainments about the O.J. Simpson case, they should be aware of the following facts.1) The gloves belonging to the killer did not fit O.J. Simpson's hands. Linda Deutsch of Associated Press, a responsible reporter, witnessed the demonstration and said that they didn't fit. Some argue that the gloves shrank. They didn't. 2) A chemical preservative that came from the crime lab was found on some of the blood evidence.3) The hair found at the crime scene wasn't consistent with O.J. Simpson's hair. It was dyed. Simpson’s Barber said that she didn't dye his hair.4) The DNA found under Nicole Simpson's fingernails gathered there when she fought against her killer was not consistent with 0.J.Simpson's.5) Instead of turning in a vial containing Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson's blood into the morgue, Detective Philip Vannatter carried it around and returned to the Simpson estate where he and opportunity to plant evidence 6) During the trial, much was made about shoe evidence. Forensic scientist Michael Baden says that most of the shoe prints found at the crime scene were made by police who refused to wear booties.
 The entertainment reported by the Times on Sunday is based upon Jeffrey Toobin's book
“The Run of His Life. “Based upon his book and his statements on CNN, Mr.Toobin hasn't the slightest idea of the criminal justice system that thousands of blacks face each day. He doesn't believe that the police plant evidence and he says that the claim that prosecutors lie is "ridiculous." He said that the jury, which was composed of blacks one Hispanic and one Euro-American, acquitted Simpson as a result of an appeal to the race card. When interviewed, the black women on the jury said that they based their decision on the scientific evidence presented by Barry Scheck. This wouldn't occur to Toobin, who discusses at length the intellectual limitations of blacks. As the head of one of the cable networks said, “Race sells.”
Ishmael Reed