Konch Magazine - “Devour” by Joseph Siino
Joseph Siino
Fruit Poem
Poetry Among the Arts
The claws descend
They rip and tear at the flesh of my brethren
Rending it like so much tissue paper.
The lifeblood of my comrades runs on their chins
Teeth gnash as if to stamp out any hope that remains.
Yellow and orange skins are torn and discarded
While my green and purple friends are simply taken whole.
Those whose skin is dotted with potential life are held by their heads
Their bodies bitten clean off at the neck.
They take our flesh and ignore our seed.
I know my time is coming
They take pleasure in making me wait.
They want me to mature and ripen
Like cattle to be fattened for meat
My green changes to red, my own body betraying me to the slaughter.