Konch Magazine - Dear Mr. Ross 11.18.2015 by Sam Hamod

Dear Mr. Ross: 11.18.15

I am the former Director of The Islamic Center in Wash, DC, and I feel I have an important answer about how to stop ISIS; I am the only American born person to have a major position in the Islamic world--what I have to tell you is informed, can be successful, but it needs exposure to have it go into effect for the good of all. Up to now, no one on the TV news shows has shown any real understanding of how to stop the ISIS devils, but it can, and must, be done.
Take 2 minutes to talk with me; if you are interested; if not, tell me, NO, I'm not interested. As an old friend of Helen Thomas in DC, and a professor at Princeton University, this is not an ego trip, but a serious matter that can be helpful to America and the world.
Sincerely, with anticipation,
Professor Sam Hamod, Ph.D
Princeton University (Ret.)