Konch Magazine - Dangerous Precedents have been set by Obama, Sarko

Dangerous Precedents have been set by Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and Hague by Sam Hamod 


Dangerous precedents in attempting to kill Col. and Leader of his Libyan nation, Mu'ummar Qaddafi,have been set by Obama, Hague, Cameron and Sarkozy. Qaddafi's home was bombed repeatedly today by NATO and US and UK planes and missiles; this is against interntional law and UN law. I fear for the peace of the world if this is precedent is allowed to stand, but it may already be too late to stop this potential firestorm of assassinations.

America already has the blood of Salvador Allende on its hands, and who knows who else, and Franceand the UK have plenty of blood on their hands from the past as well.  But no leaders have ever been so bold in their public assertions that it was, and is, their right to assassinate another leader of a sovereign nation.

If this internationally illegal behavior and if this action is allowed to go unpunished, then it will be chaos in the world, where no leader will be safe, including that ignorant group of four: Obama, Hague, Cameron and Sarkozy.

There has been international understandings for centuries not to attempt to publicly attempt, and to trumpet, the desire, to kill the leader of a sovereign nation.  But somehow, these Western "leaders" have now taken it upon themselves to violate this tradition, which now means there are no safeguards against world chaos and war, and even these fools may be next in line if this continues. Somehow, they are not wise enough to see this.

Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy have set 2 very dangerous precedents that may come back to devour them, if China, Russia or some other power group decides to do this against them. They feel they have the right to:

1. Go in and help, and instigate, "rebels" in a country, and to help them overthrow the government of a nation. 

2. They feel they have the right to kill the leader of a sovereign nation, as they wish, for whatever reasons they choose.

Suppose China decides to come to the USA to help the Latinos in Arizona, Texas and California; what would Obama do?

Suppose India feels the UK is mistreating the Indian population in the UK, and decides to send in military and secret operatives to overthrow the UK government; what would Cameron and Hague do then?

Suppose some of the Muslim countries decide to hire mercenaries to assassinate Sarkozy of France because they feel he is being unfair to Muslims who live in France: what would Sarkozy do then?

Supposed Qaddafi sends agents in to sabotage or to kill any of this group of 4; what would they do? I'm sure they'd go screaming to the UN saying, "This is a violation of international law!"

Ah, the laws of double standards and hypocrisy; it's ok to do this to you, but you can't do it to us!

These are just some hypothetical situations, but we must remember, just as GW Bush opened Pandora's Box in Iraq, I see that Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and Hague have now done this with their attack on Libya. 

And, just as I forecast before GW Bush opened the Pandora's Box of Iraq, the tiger came out and is now devouring America in all spheres: morally, financially, militarily and in terms of our respect in the world.

Yes, these fools have set a dangerous precedent, one that now cannot be pulled back.  I fear that what is left of the peace of the earth will pay for their sins.

c: sam hamod, ph.d  4.25.11