Konch Magazine - Crossing by Valerie Deus

Crossing by Anonymous

On this final day I crossed my street and watched 
the sides of my mouth taste of
rice and beans cooked in pig fat
missing my salted and preserved home life.

I turn my head back and forth gazing at green trees
gray skies sullen-and-white
and chased the crows till their breath ran out

Thoughts of Brooklyn are constant as she swells
in my mind, and I can’t say I don’t remember 
how she comforted me 
with her wooden coasters 
the hum of cars and brown foot traffic
in all her transformations
it was just the impossibility
of seeing her tired legs walking home at dusk
gum, glass and earth covered
Feet covered in earth from home

Taxi yellow behind fog
We‘ll wake up in the middle of tomorrow
For days I was without eyelids 
Unable to stop seeing
it was time to go home
I thought about home away from the Bowery