Konch Magazine - Chicago

Katrina A. Croswell
This Windy City – born of blues, jazz, food, and ravenous sports.
The Bears
The Bulls
Southside White Sox / Northside Cubs – ‘which one are you?!’
The ’68 Riots
Born of Gwendolyn Brooks, Harold Washington, Quincy Jones; origins of Earth, Wind & Fire
The Sears Tower – its name stripped in a power broker exchange
Seasons disrupt the psyche;
Winter steals the bones
Spring thaws the hardened heart
Summer basks in it’s own glory
Fall braces for what is to come
The Not-Ready-for- Prime-time Second City
Chi-town blues at Muddy Waters
Deep Dishin’ at Giordano’s in Hyde Park
Gumboin’ at Heaven on Seven on North Michigan Ave
The Mag Mile suffering the homeless at 10 below
Lower Wacker Drive offering little comfort come long winter’s night
Lake Michigan threatening to swallow this city whole
Black Gangster Disciples, black and blue, to the south
Latin King’s, black and gold, to the west
Gettin’ your kicks at Adams Street, while the twin lions’ lounge awaiting their next meal
Grant Park
The Fountain
The Bean
The Symphony
Navy Pier
578 feet above sea level
5th largest body of fresh water in the world
Diversity and Segregation (still) living together
A city. My city. Beautifully corrupt