Konch Magazine - Black secret service man says that JFK

I have noticed that during the past years the secret service's unprofessional conduct has been the subject of various media reports. Absolutely none of the reports recognizes my parallel revelations as an agent in 1964. This is apparently systematic because to bring my experience into the public and what happened to me as a result, my treatment as a runaway slave in the Federal Judicial Courts; my denial of even the basic human rights during arrest and incarceration; the suffering of my family; the racist attitude within the secret service...these are critical issues now and renders my accusations made in 1961 through 1964 even more pertinent today because the lack of the government to address these issues as reported by me led directly to the gruesome assassination of a President of These United States.

It was the same with the Watergate Scandal under President Nixon, the first person to reveal the devious acts of the break-in was Frank Wills. an African American. The burglars were Virgilio González, Bernard Barker, James McCord, Eugenio Martínez, and Frank Sturgis. The break in was covered up by G. Gordan Liddy, H. R. Haldeman , John Ehrlichman, E. Howard Hunt and Chuck Colsen. Journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein got $5 million from the University of Texas in 2003 for their Watergate notebooks and files. Frank Wills didn’t even get a pension. He died penniless in an Augusta, Ga., hospital of a brain tumor on Sept. 27, 2000. Wills couldn’t afford to bury his mother. He lived in a house without lights because he wasn’t able to pay the electric bill. Wills found it hard to get a job after Watergate. One Washington area university told Wills they were afraid to hire him for fear their federal funds might be cut. Frank Wills moved back to his home state of Georgia after his mother suffered a stroke. They lived together on her $450 monthly Social Security check. Richard Nixon’s face is on a postage stamp. He and his fellow war criminal Henry Kissinger made millions of dollars off their memoirs. President Nixon’s partner in crime, Vice- President Spiro Agnew, got three years' probation for evading taxes on bribes filched from highway contractors. Frank Wills was sentenced to a year in jail in 1983 for allegedly trying to shoplift a $12 pair of sneakers. A victim of racial profiling, Wills wasn’t arrested while leaving the store. He was nabbed just for putting the shoes in his bag. He'd wanted to surprise a friend with his gift at the check-out counter.

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