Konch Magazine - Birthday Candles by Valerie Deus

Birthday Candles by Anonymous

At Issac Hayes's Birthday party
I tell Dionne Warwick how much I love her
I gush about how her kitty eyes and her songs remind
me of my childhood 
Solid Gold dancers, skinned knees and my Nana learning
English from Video Music Box
I explain how her high cheek bones
are the same mountains that rest in the faces on 

my mother's side of the family
the mountains in Haiti

I whisper to her my dream of her and Stephanie Mills
singing a duet sort of like Monica and Brandy's ³The
boy is Mine² but she would change the song at the
ending saying she didn¹t need him anyway

she turns to me and lets out a throaty ³Thank yuh baby² with an open 
blowing cigarette smoke in my face.