Konch Magazine - 4 Wings

“4 wings, shrimp fried rice
homemade lemonade, could you please add ice?”
Wondering how she feel talking to him through bulletproof glass
“Oh yea, and a dollar worth of frooties, so my sweet tooth can last”
Then she asked if He was paying with cash
He chuckled a bit.
But, Kim Lee knows, He always pays her like this
At the Chinese store at 5th & Girard
His Mommy’s EBT card will temporarily get him far.
Watch your step!
“step on a crack you break yo’ mommas back”
My momma been broke
Like those bricks, in brickyard
My momma been cracked
Sitting on the porch dippin’ His pretzel In cherry mango water ice
As the jawns jump double-dutch and the young-bulls shoot dice
Running from the pit bulls,
Chasing Mr. Softee
“ I want extra sprinkles, how much would it cost me?”
Bittersweet, never enough, but never too much, bittersweet
The brotherly love is bittersweet
“You heard what happen to man-man, he got shot over a tweet.”
On the block
Holding his heat
The shawties walk by to distract
As they catch his eye
He is swarmed by defeat
Life took Broad & Olney
While he was waiting for the C
Watch your back!
“Back in the day when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore”
Your childhood stopped when you started walking to the store
The more you were exposed to the Richard Allen Projects
The more school projects, became irrelevant
For The projects, is a project that was more important